Sealite SL60
'Compact Solar Marine Lantern'
SEALITE created enormous interest in its new solar powered compact lantern at the World Aquaculture Trade Exhibition in April 99.

The product is based on two decades of experience in manufacturing marine lanterns and the emergence of new technology in the last two years.


The breakthrough comes from Sealite's micro energy conversion technology permitting up to 1 watt of solar power to be placed inside the lens.

The I C on which this technology was developed is the result of mobile phone advances. The increased level of solar power available from anti-fouling and charging characteristics particularly in the winter and on buoys.

Sealite Beacons

The flasher unit is Sealite's proven microprocessor which drives a high intensity LED array. The lantern is available in red, green, yellow, white and blue. A total of 250 flash codes and four intensity settings are selectable by the user.

Being lightweight, impact resistant, capable of complete immersion the unit sets a new standard in compact lantern design. The polycarbon base of the lantern is available in two sizes.

Sealite SL60 uses Nickel Hydride Battery, not lead acid battery.

Visit Sealite's website for the full range of solar LED marine lanterns available.