ORCA Marine Supplies
Formed to Serve the Pearling and Fishing Industry
From a small beginning in 1991, Orca has grown to now provide a range of products to the pearling industry including many differently designed net panels, nuclei, ropes and twines, floats and a variety of ancillary products.

Centred in Australia, Orca Marine also provides services to pearl farms in many other countries including Burma, Indonesia, Tahiti and Vietnam.

As the pearling industry has grown and changed through the 90's and into the new millennium so Orca Marine has responded with different and better products.

Orca Whale

Orca now offers a large range of pearl holding panels from panels for spat grow-out to panels for large Maxima shell.

In addition to the more traditional panel coverings of PE twisted net, mono net and extruded plastic net, Orca has several injection plastic moulds to create long life, user friendly plastic mesh panels for a range of requirements.

We also welcome requests for panels of a different design to suit individual farms.


Our nuclei is produced from the best quality Mississippi mussel shell, grading from superior white through several catergories to stained nuclei used for Margaritifera pearl oysters.

All grades are free from holes, pits or scratches and are perfectly round with smooth surface.

Orca also provides bio-coated nuclei, which is processed in Japan using the latest coating techniques. We also re-grind, re-polish and re-grade used nuclei.

Our reputation for quality and service has been hard earned over the years and we continue to strive to maintain a high level of performance.